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Maybe you are a newcomer true cheater, and just get caught by your girlfriend having sex with another one. Well, there is a rule for all of us: deny it, it wasnt you, it wasnt what it likes, or something like that. Never, never, never accept your fault, it’s the worst thing you can do. Only do that if you really want to break up your relationship with your girlfriend. Believe me, if you want to be a real true cheater, you need to learn to lie, and to do it well. There are people who says is always better the truth, well, this is not our case. The first time I get caught, I told everithing to my girlfriend, thinking the truth is always better, and she will forgive me because of that, etc. She never talk to me again, actually I never see her again since that, and I loved her a lot. And there is another lie: You only love once in a lifetime, that’s not true. You will fall in love many times in your life. “You will never forget your first kiss or your first love” maybe… I do remember both, but that’s not a rule.
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With the real cheaters

The sexual attraction is not limited to one person. You can resist the temptation, or lie about watching or desiring other people than your partner. But the truth is everybody get attracted by sexy people so, we are a true cheater. Why do you think adult magazines sells a lot?.You can fall in love with somebody, and marry her/him, but it will not make you an alien, you will still get attracted by other people. You can take the decision to deny it, and stay just with your partner. But that is not natural or easy, that’s why we call that people virtuous ones. If you are not one of them this site is for you.

True cheater we hope you to enjoy our funny and interesting content we will be posting in future entries. Cheers!
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Welcome to!

This is not our name, we are thats not the same… Well, this time we want to talk about something interesting.
Did you saw a movie called “Last Night”? There the Keira Knightley character is tempted to cheat her husband, the Sam Worthington character, with Guillaume Canet character; and viceversa, Sam Worthington is tempted by Eva Mendes character. There are a lot of movies showing some cheating, like as well. It’s not about good and evil. Not every truecheater is evil. It’s in the human nature. It is impossible not to be attracted by a good looking and sexy one. You can try to resist, or lie about it, but the truth is sexual attraction modeled all our history. Our society asks monogamy marriages, but a more natural approach to reality would be poligamy, poliandry or a combination of both. So, our nature forces us to cheat. We will help you to achieve that.
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